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Go Fund Me

We have set up a Go Fund Me contribution page so we can raise some funds to help us get the bike ready for The World SuperBike Championships at Phillip Island in February next year, along with any extra gear needed.

John McCabe Go Fund Me

"Hello everyone my name is John, in March 2016 my wife was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer at 38 years old. We have two children a boy and girl who were 8 and 5 at the time. To say it was unexpected is an understatement, not even on our radar of possibilities she doesn't drink or smoke and ate healthy whilst exercising 3 times a week. Unfortunately it has been extremely difficult journey so far each step has been bad news.

So I hatched a plan to build an awareness race bike with a pipe dream of racing in the Australian Supersport Support race at next year's World SuperBike Championship at Phillip Island racetrack. It now appears that the pipe dream has come to fruition with the help of some amazing people, but we are still short on funds.

Who knew it was so hard to get big business on board for such a good cause!

The idea is to create an awareness campaign in a field which wouldn't usually have much exposure to it. It's obviously for all women out there, let's face it we all have mothers, sisters, aunties, daughters, nieces and partners. It is predominantly aimed at those under 50 though as we found exposure in this age bracket isn't that great.

So if you want to see a 6ft 2" bloke riding a pink bike with pink leathers and helmet please donate.

But most importantly please look at the website share it and start a dialogue with those you love. There's lot's more info on there with pics, some video's and links to important stuff!!!

Thanks for your time,

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