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From Meeks

Date: 21/02/17
Some very exciting news from Meeks:

"So over the last week i had a mammogram and CT (whole body/brain) scans to see if the cancer has spread..after a very anxious wait I got the results today and ALL THE TESTS ARE CLEAR!!!!!!

To say I'm relieved is an understatement!!!!"

We here at #rideformeeks are overjoyed for Meeks!

Date: 16/10/16
Meeks and her wonderful radiation nurses at Peter Mac Box Hill:

Date: 30/10/16:
Meeks would like to thank the following...

To all the staff in the Oncology Ward at Box Hill Hospital.

The surgeons involved in the three surgeries, two at Box Hill and one at Marroondah Hospital.

The wonderful ladies in the Radiation Unit at Peter Mac in Box Hill.

Box Hill Hospital
Maroondah Hospital
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

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